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Chocolate BOMB 💣


Perfect gift for your sweet ones.



• Bomb comes in two size Large and Small

• Transforms into a delicious decadent hot drink

• Heat it in hot milk to release silky mini marshmallows from within

• Made to order, just for you

• Handmade

• Mask and gloves are worn throughout the production process and thoroughly disinfect before and after the operation. There is no travel history or discomfort for over a year.


Chocolate coating

• White

• Dark

• Milk


Filling (all comes with marshmallows)

• Regular creamy and rich

• Coffee Crisp · Aero  +$1

• Turtle +$1

• After Eight +$1

• Rolo +$1



• Gold

•  Red

• Rose Gold

• Purple


Due to different monitor calibrations, colors may slightly vary.

Have Food Safe Level 1 Basic and Serving It Right

Chocolate BOMB 💣8oz

SKU: KBW10305
GST/HST Included
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